Starfleet Platoon

The Story

Mission Log (Classified) - Commander Jackass - March 1st, 2103:

We have successfully rescued our Recycler and Destroyed the Rebel's base of operations.  With out their base, the ISDF Rebels have nothing to use against us.  This was my most challenging mission yet.  General Williams wants this mission classified for security reasons.  Strangely, she asked me to give this mission a code name in case it ever reaches the history book.  I told her to call it Night Light.

Mission Log (Classified) - General Williams - March 1st, 2103:

Commander Jackass attempt to reclaim our recycler and destroy the Rebels' base was successful.  I had no dought he could do it.  I am recommending him to be promoted to Major for his brave actions.  The Scions have reported that the Scion Rebels have surrendered to them.  Now with little support left, the ISDF Rebels should have no choice but to surrender to us.

Personal Log - Major Jackass - March 3rd, 2103:

Today the ISDF Rebels surrendered to General Williams.  In Gratitude, she promoted me to Major.  I couldn't believe it!  But she gave me a strange look on the podium when promoting me.  My Friend Lt. Spock believes she has a crush on me.  I told him that will be the day.

Personal Log - General Williams - March 3rd, 2103:

Commander Jackass was promoted to Major today.  He looked so sexy wearing those pins.  I can tell he will be a fine officer.  I have assigned Lt. Spock and Lt. Wolf, a new recruit, to be by his side in most missions.

- 3 Months Later -

Mission Log - General Williams - June 1st, 2103:

We have picked up a distress call from our base on Pluto.  Before they could tell us who was attacking, we lost communication.  We are setting a course to Pluto now.  I am assembling Major Jackass and his two wingmen, Lt. Spock and Lt. Wolf, to land tomorrow and investigate.  At the same time, the Scions Reported that they lost contact with one of their home bases on The Dark Planet.  Could the Rebels be back?

Personal Log - Major Jackass - June 1st, 2103:

I've been notified by General Williams that we have lost contact with our base on Pluto.  Our Pluto Base was originally made by Braddock and was turned into an Alien Monitor Station.  I'm afraid the Rebels are back, we believe that Braddock had hidden some supplies somewhere near that base.  It would be the perfect target for the Rebels if they find out.  General Williams has canceled our Date tonight, she says she has a lot to work to do and so do you.  We better be prepared for the worst.


Are The Rebels back, or is a new enemy behind this?  Is there a connection between the missing ISDF base and the missing Scion base?  Find out by playing Resistance, an unofficial expansion back for Battle Zone II!

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