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Resistance is an unofficial add-on pack for Battle Zone II.  Unofficial meaning that it is not supported by Activision nor Pandemic.  Resistance will add 8c missions to your Instant Action Menu.  Resistance includes the following:
  • The Borg Cube Mod* by Ímeti'klo˝
  • Assimilated ISDF and Scion Vehicles
  • Assimilated Black Dog Razor* - BD Razor Made by /F┬\ SLI, Dutch Boy and =V= AmalekiA
  • Detailed Objectives using BS-er's DLL Scriptor
  • 4 Full ISDF Missions
  • 2 ISDF/Scion Missions
  • 1 Full Scion Mission
Resistance starts off on Pluto then The Dark Planet, Mire, then Bane.  One of the Borg Missions will take places on Rend as well.  Like Battlezone II, you start off with a missing base on Pluto.  You are sent down with your commander officer to investigate the disappearance.  While the Major looks for the base, he will be attacked and destroyed(?).  You will then come into contact with an new Superior, enemy!  As the expansion continues, you will team up with the Scions, who now live on The Dark Planet, to stop this aggressive race.  Little do you know that this enemy will not go down with out a fight and a few surprises!

Resistance: Legality

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