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Important Update

If you are looking for Battlezone Universe, don't bother. It seems immature individuals would not leave the owner alone and as such, the owner has shut it down for good. I honestly do not understand why people find it necessary to harass someone for a site about a 10+ year old game, but I guess they have no life in the end.

It's been fun...

January 27, 2008, 01:23:03 AM by Sonic

SFP has been around for nearly 8 long years. It has seen the best of times and the worst of times in the Battlezone II community. Now in 2008, the community barely exists; some have gone off to bigger better games, many had life get in the way, others couldn't stand exploits being patched, while some couldn't stand the generosity of certain individuals and did everything in their power to make these fine people, who donated time and money to the BZ2 community, miserable. Than there are those who stuck it out, chatting, modding and helping out the remainder of the BZ2 community. Much praise is needed to those who stuck it out and continued to support this great game.

Unfortunately, as I move on into the more extensive years of college, I'm finding I no longer have the time nor energy to maintain a site that gets little if any traffic. Thus, I'm announcing that I will be bringing down the main section of The Starfleet Platoon sometime mid to late February. I'm not doing this because I hate you guys, but I just no longer have the interest in maintaining the site's more dynamic content. I will be leaving some of the static content, such as the information about my Mods and the individual user spaces I have giving out to a couple of your guys, online. If you have some space here on SFP, please be sure to PM me, we need to come up with an alternative form of communications since SFP's PM system will be gone.

For those of you who don't have a life and really need a place to stop by and chat with the insane (like Kalshion...), feel free to stop by SakuraMB forums that I help administer. There are many individuals that are not sane, plus, CmptrWz and I will occasionally stop by and toss pies at your face. Also, if you REALLY aren't paying attention on a regular basis you may want to wear additional protection for your more sensitive areas, as CmptrWz will target more than just your face.

It's been a pleasure playing with, and pranks on, you all,

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