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The Unofficial Battlzone II 1.3 Beta Release 3 Patch
Size 43 MB | Unofficial

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The Official Battlezone II 1.2 Beta Patch

Size 6.17 MB | Pandemic | Official

- Lots of bugs squashed.
- Win2000 compatibility
- Small framerate speedups
- More reliable network communications
- Game balance tweaks.
- New multiplayer mode: Multiplayer Instant Action (MPI) - A team of humans against the CPU in strategy.
- New multiplayer mode: Race - with plenty of weapons. Improved stability, network performance, and speed.
- 10 New multiplayer maps of various types.
- More tools for map designers, with custom strategic AI.
- More agressive AI in Single Player missions (vs 1.1 patch).
- Server handoff in game support.

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Battlezone I Server.dat
Size: 1 KB | Planet Battlezone | MUST HAVE!

Essential for BZ Internet Play!

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Battlezone I Official 1.4 Patch
Size: 4.12 MB | Activision | Official

New fixes:

  1. More anti-cheating measures have been implemented in multi-player.
  2. Bugs regarding compatibility with DirectX 6.0 have been fixed.
It also includes all of the fixes from the 1.31 patch which are:

Multi-player Enhancements:
  1. Five new maps have been added. Thanks to everyone who helped create them.
  2. Internet Multiplayer is generally more stable and has less lag.
  3. More cheating protection has been added.
  4. Host migration works better now.
  5. The host can kick a player out of the game now. If you are the host, open a channel to the other player by pressing the ~ key and using the up and down arrows to select the player you want to kick out. Then type /kick and that player will be kicked.
  6. Bailing out in a Deathmatch now counts as 2 deaths.
General Fixes:
  1. The Windows CD audio volume is no longer maxed on game exit.
  2. The screen no longer goes black on a 3Dfx card while a mission is loading. When resolutions larger then 640x480 are selected, they are now saved on game exit.
  3. Some players with 3Dfx Voodoo based cards were finding that the game would not use the 3Dfx Voodoo. This was because of two improperly installed Microsoft dll files. This patch correctly installs those files.
  4. The game no longer crashes when run on a machine with certain versions of Active Movie installed.

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Battlezone I Large Asset Update
Size: 3.1 MB | Activision | Official

Enhance your graphics.  Can work in TRO, just open the reder.cfg that is in the TRO directory.

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The Red Odyssey Official 1.3 Patch
Size: 3.63 MB | Team Evolve | Official

The main change is that BD Light Tanks are no longer invisible, and when the
player selects BD tank from the Strategy page as his vehicle, he will now 
get a BD Recycler instead of an NSDF one.

Addition of Evolve_5 DM Map: This map has been made for the enjoyment of all. 

Special Thanks to Steve Tobin(justakid) and Cmdr W. for their assistance in the testing of this map
If you have any difficulties relating to this map, please feel free to email me at

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